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Digital India

In 2015, the Government of India launched a massive campaign named "Digital India".A stable, secure digital infrastructure connecting every part of the country and Digital literacy of the masses are its objectives.Every year MHRD conducts digital hackathon across the country as one of its initiative. HACKELITE is one such initiative from JSS S&TU to find digital solutions to diverse problems of our country.Come join us, INNOVATE and INITIATE by participating in rise of new DIGITAL INDIA!

About US

JSS Science & Technology University

JSS S & T University is built on a strongreputation of SJCE, Mysuru, and passionately commited for providing education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Architecture, Management and Humanity. JSS STU was established with a vision to provide the students auniversal platform to launch their careers, vesting the industry and research community with skilled and professional workplace. The campus is one of the major landmarks of Mysuru, with its sprawling 102 acres of lush green space.

Linux Campus Club (LCC)

Founded in 2004, Linux Campus Club is a student club under the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, that aims to spread awareness about FOSS among students. It holds talks, events and various hands-on sessions for introducing students to the emerging and trending technologies in computer science. Students get to sharpen their coding and soft skills by participating in the technical and non-technical events held by the club throughout the year. The club also helps students gear up for placements by holding various sessions and mock placements.


HackElite’20 is a 24 hrs Hackathon based on a theme INNOVATE and INITIATE, conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association Linux Campus Club. It is the first hackathon event initiative that aims to bring in like minded students from across the nation together to collectively harness their potential and tackle real life problems. This Hack Fest inspires students to help out the society as a whole by using technology to find solutions. Moreover, it is completely free of cost to participants and would provide them a platform to learn, grow and innovate.


Quality healthcare

Rural Development

Smart City

Public Digitalization



Disaster Management


Efficient Roadways

Cyber Security and Forensic

Envinorment and Bioninfomatics

Open innovation


  • Upto INR 30,000

  • Upto INR 20,000


  • PHASE 1

    Idea Submission
    15th Nov - 1st Dec
    • Select any one of the above domains.
    • Submit an idea of your own problem statement relevant to selected domain.
    • Multiple ideas on same domain or different domain can be submitted.
  • PHASE 2

    Shortlist Of Ideas
    6th Dec
    • Best innovative solutions will be shortlisted and selected teams would be intimidated.
  • PHASE 3

    12th Dec - 13th Dec
    • HACKELITE OnLive


  1. Only students pursuing graduation course in any field of engineering, basic sciences and computer application can participate.
  2. A team of 3-4 people is allowed to participate in the Hackathon.
  3. All the members of the team can be from different University/Institute
  4. Idea should be submitted in the given template form.Click here to download the template
  5. Since the aim of the Hackathon is Social Welfare, the code shall be open source and used for a social cause.


Contact US

Nanda Krishna K S

Cheif Co-ordinator, LCC
[email protected]
+91 97311 52288

Sangamesh K

[email protected]
+91 99016 53581

Dhananjay V J

Joint Treasurer
[email protected]
+91 97407 07595

Samarth CJ

Executive Team
[email protected]
+91 91104 97498

Abhishek Shastry B M

Executive Team
[email protected]
+91 76196 46675

Amogh Deshpande

Student Co-ordinator
[email protected]
+91 94488 97953


Contact Club

For any queries, contact [email protected]